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About me

I care about supporting you to feel better about yourself, your choices and your relationships and to feel energised about the future.

I like to work with people at a deep level. My experience of Counselling, Therapy and Coaching has shown me how important a supportive therapeutic relationship can be to mental health. By helping you to link sensations, thoughts and feelings, you can build your confidence. Choice can replace compulsion. I have experienced first hand how paying deep attention to sensations and feelings can transform the way we connect to our personal history. In turn this helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and overwhelm and allows a clearer future to emerge.

I care deeply about each session and consider it essential to develop a relationship of mutual respect with you.

Anna Coen
Anna Coen
Therapeutic Qualifications

Completed six years of Psychotherapy Training with the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre, currently working towards my Diploma www.cbpc.org.uk

Certificate in Biodynamic Massage, Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre www.abmt.org.uk

Certificate in Somatic Coaching with the Strozzi Institute www.strozziinstitute.com

Certificate in Higher Education in Counselling, Cambridge University

Therapeutic Bodies

Member in Training of UK Council for Psychotherapy, currently working towards accreditation https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk

Member of Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists www.abmt.org 

Other Qualifications/Education

MBA Cass Business School

FCA Qualified Chartered Accountant

Qualified Teacher, University of London

BSc. Economics, London School of Economics