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Somatic Coaching

I work with people who would like support in

  • Feeling more confident, courageous and connected
  • Achieving specific development goals
  • Addressing one or more significant challenges
  • Changing their relationship with and impact on others

I offer Somatic coaching sessions at intervals of around three or four weeks. I work mostly on zoom.

Somatic Coaching
What is Somatic Coaching

Somatic Coaching is a development approach that supports an individual to learn and embody new skills and behaviours. It focuses as much on your physical presence and how you feel as on what you think and say.

Somatic Coaching helps you to clarify and achieve your development goals whilst enhancing your wellbeing. It focuses as much on your physical state and feelings as on what you think. This approach can include business and leadership models as well as behavioural and therapeutic models.

Supporting you to achieve your goals

Sometimes you need to clarify your goals and learn new perspectives and skills. Somatic Coaching will support you in creating your future path. You can feel more confident because the path you forge will be meaningful and specific to you. It is possible to feel more embodied and able to operate from your values.

Supporting you to feel confident and well balanced

Sometimes you can be stuck and unable to achieve your aims because you experience feelings of anxiety and a lack of confidence. Feeling trapped by these responses can produce a sense of being out of control and overwhelmed. It can be difficult to make decisions or back yourself.

We hold our history and habits in our muscles and our breathing patterns and as well as in our minds. With explicit mutual agreement we will explore your past, your current experience of life and how you wish to develop in the future.

By developing new insights and skills whilst becoming more attuned to your sensations, the integration between your mind and your body can strengthen.  As your capacity to make sense of how you are feeling and behaving develops, you begin to feel more embodied and more able to stand up for yourself whilst respecting others.

Working with you

I consider it essential to build a trusting relationship based on mutual respect. I am committed to being present, honest and direct with you at all times.

We will agree very specific goals and an initial number of sessions in order to have a clear start and finish. We can review this at any time and to reflect on next steps. At our initial session I would like to hear why you are choosing to embark on somatic coaching and what you would like to achieve. I will ask you questions about your current situation and your health. We will discuss together how to proceed and how best we can work together. It is important for you to feel comfortable with me.

The sessions are in confidence.

Please email anna.coen1@btinternet.com, telephone 00 44 7894 466671 or use our form.

Somatic Coaching Approaches

Identifying and refining your objectives

It is important to identify why you have come for coaching and then explore your situation in order to clarify and articulate your objectives. As the coaching progresses, I will invite you to revisit your objectives. Some objectives may be achieved and some may evolve.

Understanding your existing patterns

Mindful meditations will help you focus on what is happening in your body in the present moment. The experiences and conflicts you bring will be linked to how you feel and what you sense in your body for example tensions and breathing patterns. I may also invite you to make connections with your personal history. In this way you can deepen your understanding of how current habits and responses have developed. This deeper awareness can shift how you feel in the present and give you more choice in the future.

Practising somatic exercises

Practising different grounding and movement exercises can help you to transform the way you feel and respond in the face of challenge and conflict.

Applying new strategies and skills

You will explore how to enhance your leadership skills, how to collaborate more effectively and how to have more impact. You can then test these skills between sessions.

Feeling more confident

You can experience renewed energy with the capacity to handle those challenges that trigger you and pull you off course. By considering the impact of your physical and emotional states, somatic coaching helps you to identify what really matters. It provides you with the tools that enable you to back yourself whilst feeling compassion for others.

Somatic Coaching also draws on

  • Martial arts: including exercises that can bring focus, strength and agility.
  • Authentic leadership: to develop a clear vision and to practise behaviours that reflect your personal strengths and values.
  • Emotional anatomy: to connect emotions with physical development and contractions.